Special Offer

Special Offer



Publish your Dissertation, Scientific Paper & Booklets

This special offer of the German Publishing House GENOSVerlag Mueckenheim Countess to Muehlen is coined for Graduated People, Scientists from all Branches of Science & Technology and Marketing Professionals!

Publish your Dissertation, your Knowhow and Ideas!
This is the Right Way of get recognized, protect yourself and your Writings!

Your Benefit:

By publishing your Dissertation, Scientific Paper & Booklets, you will receive an ISBN Number in your Name and for your work; adding Protection and Recognition!

All legal Rights on any published Dissertation, Scientific Paper & Booklets will stay with you!

We, the Staff of the GENOSVerlag Countess to Muehlen, can help to promote you and your Work internationally.

Especially people, who study On-line and with Distance Learning Institutions worldwide, can add professional recognition after receiving their diplomas, by presenting published work and dissertations at different occasions such as Job hunting or Job replacement or financial assistance.

Key is the ISBN Number!

Steps to take:

If you would like to publish your Dissertation, Scientific Paper & Booklets with us, please fill out the Registration Form and send it to spezialoffer@genosverlag.de

Registration Form
Website if any:
Name of your Publication:
Special Instruction:

Please transfer to the account of GENOSVerlag Mueckenheim: 100 US$ or 80 EUR
Bank Coordinates

Name of the Bank: Postbank Leipzig   Adresse: 04096 Leipzig, Postfach

IBAN: DE95 8601 0090 0981 9279 03
Account holder: GENOSVerlag

When your money is received, GENOSVerlag send to your Email-Address die ISBN Number for your Publication

Please send in digital form your Dissertation or Scientific work or your required Publication

The dissertation or your Publication will be published in the German Publishing House GENOSVerlag, Homepage www.genosverlag.de

Terms of the sales of your eBooks or all other Publications:

You personally establish the Sales price of your Publications - if you wish!
Please send per Email your sale price and your account data:
Name your Bank
Address your Bank
IBAN Number (International Bank Account Number )
BIC-Code (Bank Identifier Code)
Name of the Account Holder
Address Account Holder

The Commission Fees for the GENOSVerlag is 10% of the total Sales price. The Rest 90% will be deposit into your account periodically or regarding written agreements.

Klick on Homepage: Kontakt
or send email: spezialoffer@genosverlag.de

Thank you for your inquiry
Yours sincerely

Graefin to Muehlen & Team