The Danger of Positive Thinking

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eBook in english, 93 Sides, Original from 1994

ISBN 978-3-943585-01-8

The Danger of Positive Thinking

Millions of people are concerned about the Crime Crisis in America today.This book is our contribution to the crime-fighting efforts of the government, the media and the neighborhoods of your community.

Read this book. Once you are familiar with the tools and the teachings, surround yourself with the spirits of three special people, for example: a good friend, a family member, and a co-worker. Approach them to buy and read the book, too, so they will understand the concepts as you do. Create your own
"triple" security pillow! The effect is tremendous. It works, and it will work for you - because no con, thief or cheater can hurt you if you aren't alone anymore!

Cons hate the "Power of the Cautious Mind." Use this book, show it around, identify yourself with the stories, and soon the con-artists will disappear. You have the tools, now - you are prepared!

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