How does it works? It's simple!

You work - we finished it! With 70 USD you publish your Work, Books and anything you like!

Please send to: their work in digital form for publishing.

Upon receipt of your 70 USD or 50 EUR to our account we will send you to their ISBN number via email and publish your work with the same ISBN number on our website under the appropriate category.

That's it!

and do not forget - you keep the rights!

You want to protect your title of your book?

Easy: send 70 USD?

How does it work?

It's simple! All your information will be protected by an international ISBN - Number.

Ways to transfer:

Shopping basket: call directly, or the right category - put on> advertisements to Product Overview and Service package 70 USD or 50 EUR Add to Shopping Cart and edit until completion

or Contact Information: Account of the data GENOSVerlages

You write under a pseudonym or more!
This is always possible and in the choice of her pseudonym, we are happy to help.