Earn money

Earn money


You want your work not only publish but you want to sell it?



What do you need?

Your work (book, photo, artwork, ...) will be
publish in GENOSVerlag Website linked with dozen of international operating institutions and marketing agents. From the date awarded the ISBN number and your payment  of  the monthly service fee of 70 USD or 50 EUR we guaranty you international representation within our Publishing House Partners in 32 Countries.

With the publication you share with us your selling price.

What do we need?

We will publish your work and sell it in our online webshop.

 You as a customer will receive 90% of the total Sales of yxour Products promoted by the GENOSVerlag and the Genosverlag receive a commission of 10% of the sales price. Your Money will be transferd quickly to your nominated account on the 1. and 15. of each month.

What can we do?
On your behalf and for consideration:

 √ proofreading in the form:
Spelling and grammar checker, suggestions for corrections in the expression for better understanding and for sales and structuring, and creating a content source directory ...

 √ design in the form:
Artistic design of the cover and throughout the work, commissioning an artist to design or manufacture of an individual component or art work if necessary

 √ material for your work:
In the categories of photos, art and technical texts, we may be able to offer materials for design and editing of your work.