DVD "Alpha&Omega" The GKA-System

Product no.: 14-1-V2.3.1

DVD in German, Lecture in 5 parts by Prof. Kempe, runtime sat. 104 min


Inventor Prof. Kempe: "Einstein's E = MC2 has little meaning for us humans, as we commute as bio-physical unit constantly between energy and matter (mass) back and forth. My discovery of the equation (EM)C2 was logical since only a relationship between mind and body can be produced by this formula."

The question of HOW the emergence of our existence follows the question of WHY. Both questions must be answered, but each response also poses new questions over and over again in itself.

The CIUMOLOGY recognizes the creation of man by the primal creation egg-sperm-connection for granted and final.

Learn more about the DVD on this Universal Energy, Proclamation man, the GKA system, diabetes and more.

German Part 1 of 5 Thread: Diabetes

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