Product no.: VLB-ID

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The list of available books (VLB) is the most comprehensive database of the German book trade and the key marketing and communications platform in the industry. It includes an access of more than 20,000 publishers.

With the award of a VBL-ID number is guaranteed:

√ Range
Almost all bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland use the VLB for research. The models range from the small booksellers' round the corner "to the major industry players. Numerous book portals (such as Amazon, buchhandel.de, buch.de) use the data from the VLB.

√ Price certainty
The VLB is the official price reference database for the entire book industry. This means that the VLB filed in prices are recognized as the only valid - including all price changes. Accordingly, the VLB prices of virtually the entire industry will be taken. For you this means less effort. And the guarantee for the book trade, the price-fixing reliably implement.

√ Services
Title reports are available at the VLB-track service, via a data exchange format and via ONIX title registration form possible. Since the VLB data correspond to the current industry standard, transfer to other partners at any time. And the message to the VLB is automatically a message to the German National Library.

√ Completeness
Completeness and neutrality are important for the entire industry. Therefore report all publishers - ranging from small-or self-publishers to large public or academic publishing - titles to the VLB and are listed so everywhere.

 Source: http://www.vlb.de