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eBook in english, 47 Sides

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Pendulums in the 21st century

We all have the right to life and knowledge - it can only dream of on cloud nine over the road in a secular New York City Wall Street is, reality prevails here 2012!

… and just as the Pendulum is reality for 6,000 years!

ISBN: 978-3-943585-12-4

Artikel-Nr.: 12-2-

eBook in english, 93 Sides, Original von 1994

ISBN 978-3-943585-01-8

The Danger of Positive Thinking

Millions of people are concerned about the Crime Crisis in America today.This book is our contribution to the crime-fighting efforts of the government, the media and the neighborhoods of your community.

Die Gefährlichkeit des Positiven Denkens

Diebe, Schwindler und Betrüger handeln aus positiven Gedanken heraus, sonst würde es keine Kriminalität geben.

Artikel-Nr.: 14-2-Z2.1.
ISBN:  978-3-943585-32-2


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The World Scientists

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World Scientists present their research and development

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