CIUM textbook series

CIUM textbook series

CIUM = Creative Intelligent Universal Matter

In collaboration with international scientists whose publications arising from the CIUM textbook series.


All scientists, researchers, inventors, professors, doctors, teachers, education officers called in short, all the knowing ones are called

To do their part for the introduction of current knowledge in our school and education system.

So we can give our life's work depicts one expression.

That should be our legacy to us, our children and grandchildren!

We do not just talk, we do too!

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Product no.: 14-1-V2.3.2
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Product no.: 14-1-V2.3.1

DVD in German, Lecture in 5 parts by Prof. Kempe, runtime sat. 104 min


Inventor Prof. Kempe: "Einstein's E = MC2 has little meaning for us humans, as we commute as bio-physical unit constantly between energy and matter (mass) back and forth. My discovery of the equation (EM)C2 was logical since only a relationship between mind and body can be produced by this formula."

German Part 1 of 5 Thread: Diabetes

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CIUM Textbook 1

CIUM Textbook 1

The chaos of order

CIUM Textbook 2

CIUM Textbook 2

We in the middle

CIUM Textbook 3

CIUM Textbook 3

The natural order