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Product no.: 16-1-

eBook: Dr. med. Ulrich Werth

The discovery of ALZHEIMER therapy

and the mystery of the Eternal Needle

1st edition, ebook in german language, 84 pages

Not just a diagnosis - Alzheimer's is the sword of Damocles of humanity.

ISBN: 978-3-943585-78-0

Product no.: 17-1-1V.1.3.2
Product no.: 17-1-1C.1.3.3

CD with coding and instructions, running time 27.7 minutes, without eBook

277 is our universal consciousness of the creative nature!
277, the code is encrypted for common sense.

What about us and us? Healthy or sick?

So many questions and inexplicable events are due to our common sense, our TOOL from birth. But what happens when he is no longer the common sense but through us, through the environment, through media, food and and .... was changed so that we do not even know: What is healthy?

Here I do not want to tell you too much, you get something very VALUABLE with this CD and at birth you could not even think of such a thing: you get your birth TOOL as your birth right back - Is not that incredible?

Listen to yourself! Give yourself a future! Take responsibility!

Upon receipt of the payment, your CD will be sent to your specified delivery address.

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Product no.: 12-2-
Product no.: 12-2-

eBook in english, 93 Sides, Original from 1994

ISBN 978-3-943585-01-8

The Danger of Positive Thinking

Thieves, Cons, and Cheaters act whith positive thoughts crime would not exist

Product no.: 16-1-1.3.1
Product no.: 14-1-V2.3.2
Product no.: 14-1-V2.3.1

DVD in German, Lecture in 5 parts by Prof. Kempe, runtime sat. 104 min


Inventor Prof. Kempe: "Einstein's E = MC2 has little meaning for us humans, as we commute as bio-physical unit constantly between energy and matter (mass) back and forth. My discovery of the equation (EM)C2 was logical since only a relationship between mind and body can be produced by this formula."

German Part 1 of 5 Thread: Diabetes

Product no.: 18-1-1.3.1e

The new order

First published, ebook in german, 26 pages, 1st edition

beginning on 18 June 2018

The events since that time speak a clear language and confirm the consistent implementation.

To all the children of God:

With the tears of my eyes for my children

The New Order is nothing new and does not spring from a whim of NATURE but the need for an agreement with the WHOLE when WE, the parts, have forgotten who WE are.

All global representatives have agreed to this agreement. WE thank you!

ISBN 978-3-943585-81-0

Product no.: 13-1-1.4.3e

Undetected by russia land


10.000km Transit through the USSR


1st edition, eBook german language

Product no.: 13-1-

Biological healing knowledge - textbook, atlas, reference work

This book of the naturopath Rainer grains summarizes the theme of the 5 biological laws very well together.

It describes the effects of psychologically stressful situations (conflicts, traumas, stress events) on the human body in the form of physical symptoms and regulations. It is excellent to use as a textbook and a reference image atlas.

Over 60 color prints, many case examples from practice, the clear structure and the new color scheme enable a good start, consolidation and application of the subject.

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Product no.: 12-1-

ISBN: 978-3-943585-27-8

Wisdom of Life
an aid to life

A life in poems beginning with the first poem "Childhood" and not ending with death but with a "Goldilocks".
A reading experience for all who like it bright and reflective!


Product no.: 12-1-1.4.1e

ISBN: 978-3-943585-06-3

The Cat in the name Argos or the search for life

the life history of multiple interwoven between illusion and reality

Product no.: 12-1-1.4.2e

ISBN: 978-3-943585-07-0

In this book is the key to explain the events after the 12/21/2012? The book can save us all?

The first 227 days in 14 chapters of "phantoms to rebirth or a phoenix from the ashes" described in Band I. Band II: "I - The neuter" will follow in the comming months and here we are anxious to see how or what the author means by that! Band III also appears later this year, and so an exciting year full of reading adventure lies ahead. The author emphasizes that he does not consider itself something special or exquisite, and as he says this, you must selbt exquisite!

Product no.: 17-1-9.2.1e
Product no.: 12-1-5.1.1


Christmas - IKONE: painted by hand on papyrus

Mixed media: ink, acrylic paints, watercolor paints

Size: width 17cm, height 25cm


Product no.: 12-1-1.2.1

"Der Bann 252 (Vest)"

Product no.: 14-2-Z2.1.
ISBN: 978-3-943585-32-2


English Journal 48 Seiten

The World Scientists

International Scientific & Research Journal

World Scientists present their research and development

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